What do you buy at your store?

Here at Record Head we are willing to take a look at anything that you might want to sell. We buy sell and trade all of the product lines that are available in our store as well as many others that may not be in the store. We specialize in buying:

Does everything in your store work?

Everything in our store has been meticulously tested to ensure that it is in proper working order. All of our new items come with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The used items come with a 30-day warranty against defects.

Is everything in your store used?

We deal in a variety of both new and used items. Anything that is brand new will be labeled with a bright orange sticker on the price tag that says “NEW.”

Do you buy broken items?

We do buy some items that are broken, either for parts or something that we plan to refurbish. Like always, everything is fully refurbished it before we sell it.

Do you offer repair services?

We do offer competitively priced repairs services for Stereos.

What do I need to sell something?

You need to be over the age of 18 (or have a parent or legal guardian with you) and a valid state issued or federally issued photo ID. Also check out our guides to selling and trading at Record Head:

Do your products come with everything?

Our electronics come with everything that you need to use the device. With video game systems a controller and all of the appropriate cords are included. When it comes to instruments and computers we have all of the cords needed to make them function.

How long has your store been open?

Our store has been providing buy and selling in the Milwaukee area since 1972. We have been serving you for over 4 decades and are looking forward to serving you for many more.

Don’t see your question?

Contact Record Head directly.  Our friendly staff would be happy to help!

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