Picking Your Road Trip Playlist

Road Trip PlaylistSome genres are better for road trips than others. For instance, you may want to avoid music that will chill you out too much or get you too hyped up. Listen to songs that strike a pleasant balance where you can remain alert and level-headed. Rock, pop and hip-hop are all excellent genres to turn on while driving.

  • Rock: Rock is a broad genre with lots of interesting artists to choose from. There’s plenty of upbeat, energetic rock music that will have you grooving in your seat. Just don’t put the pedal to the metal too hard!
  • Pop: Pop music is a great choice because it’s generally upbeat and catchy. Singing along to a pop song can keep you engaged as you drive. 
  • Hip-hop: Some hip-hop feels like it’s just meant to be heard on the road. From bumping bass to exhilarating lyricism, hip-hop can up your motivation to reach your destination.  

The Ideal Song Length

There are pros and cons for both short and long songs. A short song that you love can make two minutes go by in an instant, but it can also leave you thinking, “That was only two minutes?” The same goes for longer songs. If you can get into the groove of a song from 7-20 minutes in length, it’ll seem like the clock is in hyperspeed. However, long songs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

Road Trip Playlists or Albums? 

Albums and playlists are both great for road trips. Classic albums like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” keep you engaged in a captivating story that helps 45 minutes fly by. Others like “Is This It” by The Strokes are full of snappy songs that put you in a great mood while killing half an hour. Some people prefer playlists for the variety as long as it’s all killer and no filler. We recommend a mixture of albums and playlists that are each 30-45 minutes long. 

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