Maximum Carnage has spread to Record Head!

Maximum Carnage at Record Head

We have recently acquired used copies of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo classic Maximum Carnage for $15 and $25, respectively. Maximum Carnage is a single player side scrolling beat-um-up game that came out September of 94’. This game is based on the 1993 14 issue comic made by Marvel. In this game Cletus Kasady has been taken over by an alien symbiote giving him the power to escape the mental asylum and creating a new identity “Carnage”. Shortly after escaping, he recruits an evil team consisting of Shriek, Doppleganger, Demo Goblin, and Carrion. Together they go about terrorizing the city. Our hero Spiderman teams up with Venom (another symbiote host) to stop Carnage and his cronies from destroying the city. The player has the option to play as Spiderman or Venom using a pretty in depth combination of punches, kicks, and grabs. You find yourself beating up wave after wave of goons and thugs only to face off against some very difficult bosses (some popular marvel villains). I love this video game. Although I have struggled to beat this game for a solid 20 years, I keep coming back for more. This game has one of the greatest intro soundtracks I have ever heard, awesome graphics for the time, challenging gameplay, and just a flat out cool looking cartridge (I mean come on its RED!) So Web-Heads swing on into Record Head and grab this Sega classic soon because it won’t stick around for long (webs are sticky).