Best TVs for Vintage Video Gaming

There’s a reason that we invented HD digital televisions to replace the old cathode ray tube TV of the past. When it comes to picture quality, a CRT monitor will never compare to a plasma screen. But if you’re new to vintage video games, what they don’t tell you is that those 8-bit and 16-bit classics weren’t designed for modern HD TVs. Many actually work better with a CRT screen, which gives you less blurriness and brings out the blocky features that are characteristic of those old games.

People with old consoles may naturally be curious about how to play old games on older-style TVs, or if this is something that is even worth pursuing. You might also wonder which modern TVs have the best features to bring out the true spirit of those old games. If you’re interested in retro gaming, here is some useful information about the best TVs, both older and modern, for vintage video games.

Vintage TVs vs. Modern TVs for Retro Gaming

Many retro gaming experts will say that if you have to use a modern TV for old-school gaming, it has to be a plasma. Mario just isn’t going to look right on a typical HD LCD screen. Hardcore retro gamers will say you should always play these games on old CRT TVs the way they were meant to be played.

The good news is that if you can find them, those cathode ray tube TVs will cost you practically nothing. Not that many people play retro video games or take them that seriously if they do, and this is really the only thing these TVs are good for relative to modern HD and plasma TVs. So, if you’re willing to put the effort into finding a vintage TV, it is almost always worth the investment if you care about retro game picture quality.

Finding the Right Vintage TV for Your Retro Consoles

Since you have your pick of the litter, it is worth your time to do some research to see what the best vintage TV will be for your gaming needs. There is a ton of information on online message boards about this. Some of the popular choices include Sony Trinitrons from the 1990s, JVC Curved CRTs and Sony PVMs. The bad news is that if you buy a vintage TV that you don’t love, it will probably be difficult to return it.

The good news is it won’t cost you much to try a different model. In the interests of saving money, however, do as much research as you can before buying, and on the off-chance someone will allow you to test drive one before buying, buy all means take advantage of the opportunity.

Finding the Right Modern TV for Your Retro Games

If you’re looking for a modern TV for your retro gaming needs, it is vital to make sure the TV you buy can support retro game consoles. This usually means it is equipped with S-Video, component and composite inputs. Once that’s covered, you want to find a TV that seems to be designed with retro gaming in mind.

A great choice is the Pana
\sonic TH-50 PH9UK plasma. It supports a wide variety of definitions allowing you to easily shuffle to the best resolution for your game without interfering with any of your other HDMI connections. It comes equipped with VGA, SV/X/UXGA as well as PC signals.

If you’re going the HDTV route, there are some solid choices out there. An HDTV that is perfectly made for retro gaming is the 24-inch Crosley Retro HDTV. It comes with classic Dolby Digital sound and lets you flip between old-style resolution and 1080p LED so you can enjoy both new and vintage viewing experiences. With this TV, you can enjoy everything from Donkey Kong to FarCry 5 in one night.