What You Need to Know Before Selling or Trading in Your Records

Vinyl is making a comeback, and if you have used vinyl records for sale, you can often get a great deal, whether you’re just looking for cash or seeking the opportunity to buy other vinyl records for your collection or your listening pleasure. Before you load up a box and head to a vinyl record store, here are a few tips for selling or trading in your vinyl records.

How Do I Grade Vinyl Records?

To get the most out of your vinyl, you’ll need to know how much they are worth, and the first step to knowing that is being able to grade them. Vinyl is typically graded on the Goldmine Standard scale, which ranges from poor, fair and good all the way to good plus, very good, very good plus, near mint and mint. Grading must take into account both playability, how good the record sounds, and visual appearance.

How Popular Are My Records?

There are a lot of things that make a record popular. Who the recording artist is is very important, of course, but which pressing the record is, how rare it is and the features of the album are also important.

For example, Beatles records tend to fetch some of the biggest prices on the market, but within that category, many Beatles records are much more valuable than others. Many collectors prefer mono Beatles recordings to stereo ones, and special rare collector’s items like the butcher cover, “Yesterday and Today” release, or certain-numbered “White Album” releases can be much more valuable.

Your best bet is to do a little online research and see how much albums similar to the ones you own have sold for. You can also hire a professional record grader to determine both the grade and the rarity/desirability of the record you are trying to sell, but doing so will cut into your profits since you will have to pay for this service. Of course, the extra money you may be able to sell the album for once you know its proper value may be worth the expense.

Who Buys Vinyl Records Near Me?

The most important thing when it comes to selling your records is to be able to connect with people who are trying to answer the question of “where to buy vinyl records near me?” You could go to an auction site or classifieds site online, but you’ll be much better off if you can find an established dealer in vintage records.

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