The “BOSS” of Delay Pedals

Digital delay padI’ve owned many delay guitar effects pedals and the Boss DD-6 Digital Delay is a terrific pedal to own. Part of the fun of owning a delay pedal like this is messing around to find what each knob does and how it effects the total outcome of the sound. Dial in a slap back delay or slow it down to release your inner Pink Floyd. There are an endless amount of delay effects that you can obtain from the Boss DD-6 Digital Delay.

While messing with the pedal, I’ve noticed that different guitars and amps will affect the output of the level of the Boss DD-6 Digital Delay. The difference in impedance makes a subtle difference that will make you have to adjust the “level” knob on the actual pedal.

The “feedback” (F.BACK) knob might be one of the cooler features this pedal has to offer. Whether you are looking for a short repeat or an infinite amount, this pedal can really make the difference between a psych rock and alternative sound.

The “delay” (D.TIME) knob will affect the time of the actual delay in seconds. This knob correlates to the “mode” (MODE) knob directly to the right of the (D.TIME) knob. The delay second threshold will be affected in seconds by what mode you select.

I did touch on this a bit, but going further into the “mode” (MODE) knob there is a reverse selection in which it does exactly what it says, plays what you are playing in reverse. There is a very cool selection called “hold” that will record a short riff and repeat it over and over until you chose to hit the pedal again. This can be really cool when you are looking to write a second guitar part to the riff you just laid down on the pedal. Last but not least there is the “warp” selection where when you hold down the pedal it adds this awesome multiple layer sound. Depending on how you have the feedback and time selected the warp can sound very different.

Playing live with this pedal can be difficult if you are unaware of the tap tempo feature. We all know that drummers can either play to fast or to slow and when you depend on a delay to be a certain time. The tap tempo feature can really help you fine tune to the tempo the current song is being played at.

In a nut shell the Boss Digital DD-6 Delay Pedal is one “BOSS” of a guitar effect. Guitar players can adapt this pedal to fit their many needs and it can sound the same or vastly different from one to the next.

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