Why You Should Still Be Buying CDs and DVDs

In the past, buying, renting or borrowing a physical copy was the only way to enjoy your favorite music, movies and TV shows. With newer technologies, we have access to thousands of options with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Apple Music.

There are benefits to using streaming services, but in some ways, nothing beats your own collection. Here are a few reasons why you should keep buying DVDs and CDs

The Fun of Browsing in a Store

A lot of the fun in buying new music, movies or TV shows is finding something that you weren’t already planning on buying. While you’re sifting through stacks of CDs or DVDs, you may find a hidden gem. You could find a copy of a classic movie that you love or discover a great new band. Someone else at the store may even suggest something that will become one of your favorites!

With digital music, TV shows and movies, you don’t have the same experience. Lots of streaming services do have recommendation features, but even those are limited by their algorithms. Most are based on what you’ve already listened to or watched. It’s not always the best way to discover something entirely new.

Streaming Is Less Reliable

It’s impossible to deny the huge selection from streaming services, but with changing contracts and rights to stream, it’s no guarantee that your favorite shows, movies and music will 

be on a particular streaming service forever. You could be in the middle of watching a show and see Netflix remove it from the service. What do you do if that happens? In addition, the shows, movies and music you want to access may be on a service that you don’t have.

Having your own copies of your favorites lets you listen and watch whenever and wherever you want. As long as you have a CD player, DVD player or laptop, you’re ready to go. With a streaming service, you need an internet connection — and a fast one at that — to get a clear picture. And if your internet goes out for whatever reason, you usually can’t access your media at all if you’re relying on streaming. You don’t have these limitations when you own your favorite CDs and DVDs.

Easier to Back Up

When you use Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music, you’re merely paying for use. None of the TV shows, movies or music actually belong to you. When you stop paying for the service, you have nothing to show for it at all.

When you buy DVDs and CDs, you own them. You have them forever unless you sell them or give them away. And, they’re easier to store and create backups from. You can import your CDs into your computer’s hard drive and then onto your phone or portable music player. Lots of DVDs come with a code to get a digital download.

So now you know some of the best reasons to buy CDs and DVDs. If you’re looking to add to your collection in Milwaukee, be sure to check out our huge selection at Record Head!