Guide to Getting the Best Sound From Your Turntable

getting the best sound from your turntable

Listening to music on a turntable is one of the more unique music experiences. However, it also comes with its fair share of work to ensure the music that reaches your ears is of the highest quality. Whether you recently bought a new turntable or want to improve one you’ve loved for years, here are some of the best turntable tweaks.

Keep Your Turntable Level

Turntables are surprisingly delicate and perform best when you keep them completely flat. Using your turntable on a level surface allows the stylus to drag evenly across the grooves without leaning to the left or right channel. 

Ensure You Have the Proper Tracking Force for the Phono Cartridge

A phono cartridge holds the stylus, and the amount of pressure the cartridge places on the record can impact how well your records play. Too much force can wear out your cartridge too quickly, while too little pressure can cause skipping. Setting the dial to zero and then the correct setting can help rebalance the tracking force to make your record player sound better.

Adjust the Speed

Many different factors can affect the speed of your turntable, and one of the best ways to test and diagnose the issue is by using a test record that can play tones you can measure through a mobile app to correct the speed.

Buy a New Cartridge

Swapping out your cartridge is one of the easiest ways to improve the sound quality of your turntable, as higher-quality cartridges can pickup record grooves better, as well as more minor record details. Review the instructions with your turntable to determine how to replace your cartridge.

Adjust the Cartridge Alignment

After upgrading your cartridge, you will want to verify it’s properly aligned to ensure the balance and imaging are correct. Check the alignment at multiple positions, as only checking at one may result in aligning the cartridge in one place but not the rest.

Buy New Record Sleeves

While the turntable plays a significant role in the sound quality, the records you play can also impact how they sound on your system. Using plastic sleeves to store your records can help keep them pristine while allowing them to slide in and out of the jacket easily.

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