7 of the Best Ever Rock Guitar Solos

Eddie Van Halen playing guitar on state
January 12, 2022

The Record Head family loves a good guitar solo. Check out our list of seven of the most iconic rock solos of all time. 1. “All Along the Watchtower” — Jimi Hendrix Jimi Hendrix’s guitar solo is the special flavoring that makes this Bob Dylan cover rock harder than the original. Hendrix works his way […]

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History of Sega Consoles

Sega 16-bit
December 29, 2021

The Japanese video game company Sega was one of the major players in the industry’s foundation. While it experienced success developing arcade games, most know Sega for its timeless stories and iconic characters. Few of today’s gamers have ever gotten their hands on one of the various Sega consoles.  Unless you lived through it, you […]

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Upcycling Old Concert T-Shirts

T-shirts hanging on hangers on a wrack
December 22, 2021

Over the years, you’ve collected a lot of band t-shirts. But your touring days are getting fewer and far between, and a lot of those t-shirts are getting ratty, out of style, or just don’t fit anymore. All is not lost! There’s a lot you can do with those old concert shirts, including: Make a […]

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The Evolution of the DJ

DJ in black and white
December 14, 2021

In today’s society, disc jockeys, or DJs, play a significant role in entertainment culture. Some are high-profile celebrities who can pack venues during live sets. Others are known for their collaborations with rappers and singers, giving them catchy beats to put their vocals over. DJs can be the life of the party, turning a low-energy […]

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Digital Piano vs. Acoustic Piano: Which Is Best for You

man playing a keyboard
December 2, 2021

Acoustic and digital pianos have some face-value similarities and accomplish similarities, but they do so in unique ways. Knowing the differences will help you choose the right one for your situation. We’ll put acoustic and digital pianos side by side in different situations to see how they compare.  The Differences Between Digital and Acoustic Pianos […]

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Hitmaker Expansion is back, and bigger than ever

Hitmaker Expansion is back, and bigger than ever
November 24, 2021

Complete your recording studio. New Scarlett 3rd Gen users now get tools from Antares®, Softube®, XLN Audio®, Relab, Brainworx® and more.  Scarlett has already helped make more records than any other range of interfaces in the world. Now, following on from Clarett’s Fall 2020 offer, Hitmaker Expansion is back, featuring more tools for more users. […]

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Guitars 101: Which is the One for You? 

man in red sweater playing a guitar
November 17, 2021

Purchasing a guitar for the first time can be very exciting, so congratulations are in order! There are some things to consider as you hunt for your first guitar. Do you want to play an acoustic or an electric guitar? What shape and style do you want? Do you know what size you need? Are […]

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The History of Atari

Atari game console
November 5, 2021

Atari changed the world with its run of influential in-home consoles that shaped the industry. Here’s your guide to Atari’s video game legacy from the folks at the Record Head exchange store.  When Did Atari Enter the Market?  Atari hit the market in 1972 after Nolan Bushnell and Ted Danby found success with their games […]

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How Records Are Made 

record on a turntable
October 21, 2021

There’s a certain charm to vinyl records that can stand the test of time. Many listeners even prefer vinyl as their favorite way to consume music. Whether you’re a long-time vinyl fan or a young listener amazed at how music was recorded prior to digital technology, it’s intriguing to learn about the process of making […]

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10 Best Classic Horror Movies

The Shining twins in hallway
October 13, 2021

Horror has been a hugely popular genre of film for almost 100 years. Horror even has subgenres, like slasher films and psychological horror. These movies can have tons of different antagonists, from real monsters to serial killers to supernatural forces. While not everyone is a fan of this genre, filmmakers have produced many fantastic horror […]

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