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video games for sale in milwaukeeRemember those people that laughed at you when you kept all your old video games and video game systems long after they stopped being popular? They are not laughing now!

Over the past few years, there have been many stories of people who sell used vintage video games for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! And even if you are not lucky enough to have one the true old gems, sitting down and enjoying a retro console and retro video games is a fun way to unwind.

At Record Head in West Allis, we’re huge fans of gaming, from classic and "antique" consoles to the fastest, most modern systems on the market. And because our staffers are all gaming geeks, (They prefer the term “aficionados,” but they’re geeks — plain and simple!) they have knowledge not only of the old systems we all grew up with, but also the newest systems on the market.

First, a bit about Record Head. We were founded more than 40 years ago and have become a Milwaukee institution for electronics and media consumers. We carry a huge range of products, new and used, including computers, TVs, stereos, media collections, musical instruments, DJ and stereo equipment and many related parts and accessories. We buy used video games, electronics and other media items! We will even take in broken electronics for safe, responsible recycling. If you are looking to exchange your video games- we do that as well!

used gaming systems for sale in milwaukeeWe’ve built our reputation on being a trustworthy electronics company, and plan to keep that reputation growing! Every member of our staff is passionate about what we do. Our team includes computer experts who can talk RAM and graphics cards all day, amateur musicians, audiophiles with helpful stereo and speaker advice and music and video buffs who are more than happy to discuss those 1980s classics we all love.

And, of course, we have gamers. Almost everyone who works at Record Head has a system or two at home and understands the fascination many people have with the world of video game systems. Nothing gets us more excited than seeing someone roll into our West Allis store with a dusty old bag of retro video games or a vintage stereo system for us to check out. We offer the best price possible if you are looking to sell video games or your systems and games, and can even do trades on your video game cartridges.

If you’re tired of WOW and would rather see what Link is up to, we’re your video gaming source!

All the Systems You Remember, and Some You Don’t!

As a leading video game system buyer and seller, you can bet that we carry systems like the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii. But, if you’re looking for something a bit more obscure, you’ll be happy to know we carry a bunch of vintage gaming systems that you may not have seen for years or even decades:

  • Atari is regarded as the gaming system that started it all. While not the first console ever produced, it was the first system to gain widespread popularity and is still widely respected in gaming circles today. We have complete systems, as well as many games and accessories and a wide selection of classic Atari games.
  • If Atari started the video gaming craze, Nintendo is the one that blew it sky high. From the first boxy NES to the later SuperNES, Nintendo 64 and GameCube, we’ve got you retro Nintendo fans covered. We even have the occasional oddities like the VirtualBoy or NES running pad, but make sure to check in with us often, as these hot items never stick around very long! We would love to help you with your nintendo game exchange in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Do you remember the Sega Saturn? You’ll be forgiven if you don’t, as it was only produced from 1994 until 1998 for the American market, and never became a mass-market hit like many other systems. If anything this makes the Sega Saturn MORE desirable, as the number of available games and consoles is dwindling.
  • Handhelds are another popular type of gaming system. Many relics are even seeing a comeback in used gaming circles, like GameBoy from Nintendo and GameGear from Sega. The newer handhelds impress with their amazing graphics and a huge range of games, while the older relics amuse with their simplicity and nostalgia.

By now you can probably tell that when it comes to gaming, Record Head is a great partner for new, vintage and antique video games in Milwaukee. If you are looking to trade in video games, we are the location for mega video game exchange in Milwaukee! Stop on by and take a look at all of the gaming systems, games and accessories we have.  Just make sure you don’t have anywhere urgent to be afterward — there’s a good chance you’ll be with us a while!

Updated: March 1, 2019

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