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7 Cheapest Movies Ever Made

Many DVDs on shelves
September 15, 2022

Comparing movie budgets and box office returns can highlight notable low-budget films. Below are some of the biggest and greatest low-budget films made for under $1 million.  1. Rocky (1976)  You can save money when you write and star in a movie yourself. Sylvester Stallone and director John G. Avildsen kicked off the “Rocky” franchise […]

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What Is the Difference Between Blu-ray and DVD?

Discs stacked on top of each other at an angle
June 29, 2022

It’s the age-old question. Do I go Blu-Ray or do I go DVD? While new technologies traditionally supplant old ones fairly quickly, Blu-ray discs and DVDs seem to have been sitting side-by-side in the market together for some time. So, what’s the difference between Blu-ray video and HD DVD videos? What are the pros and […]

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Are DVDs Making a Comeback?

DVDs on sale at Record Head
April 7, 2022

Movies are often more than an immersion in another world. Depending on your age, interests and when you grew up, films can be an investment that takes you back in time to when you first viewed your favorite movie. DVDs and Blu-ray releases stand as the last physical release method before the age of streaming […]

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10 Best Classic Horror Movies

October 13, 2021

Horror has been a hugely popular genre of film for almost 100 years. Horror even has subgenres, like slasher films and psychological horror. These movies can have tons of different antagonists, from real monsters to serial killers to supernatural forces. While not everyone is a fan of this genre, filmmakers have produced many fantastic horror […]

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10 Best Classic Romance Movies

January 28, 2021

Romance has always been a hugely popular theme in films — but why? Romances either remind us of the love in our life or the type of love we want to have in the future. These movies still have conflict, but destiny always prevails! It makes us feel like we can have these epic and […]

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Are DVDs Better Than Streaming?

A library of DVDs
January 20, 2021

Most people subscribe to at least one online streaming service, like Netflix or Hulu. With so many movies now available on these services, and their numbers seemingly multiplying every day, you might question the importance of DVDs. Why should you continue to collect DVDs in the age of streaming? There are many reasons why DVDs […]

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Top 10 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time

October 28, 2020

Whether you’re an athlete or an armchair coach, when you can’t be on the field, on the ice or in the stadium, you may as well get comfortable and watch the best sports movies ever! Watching the top athletic movies of all time gives you inspiration and helps keep the dream alive, even if your […]

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Best Movies for Quarantine

May 20, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has many of us home throughout what used to be the workweek. With the uncertain times we’re in, sometimes the best medicine is to kick back and enjoy some of our favorite films to escape from reality. At Record Head, we appreciate films of all genres. Whether you’re looking to laugh or […]

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Your Guide to Blu-Ray Discs

Black blu-ray player with blue blu-ray disc
February 18, 2020

When Blu-Ray discs first came out, some people may have thought they were a passing fad, like the old LaserDiscs or Betamax video. But this technology quickly showed its staying power, and DVDs seem to be falling by the wayside. If you’ve been a DVD loyalist, you may be wondering if you should make the […]

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Movies that Changed the World

Person sitting in front of television screen
January 8, 2020

Film is a powerful platform. This art form plays with our emotions, exposes us to new situations and can even change our perspective on the world around us. Sometimes films don’t need a huge budget to tell a story. Directors and filmmakers around the world can take an idea and bring it to life using […]

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