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10 Essential Records You Need for Your Collection

Abby road
September 21, 2023

While music is personal for each listener, there are some records every collector should own, regardless of age or musical preferences. These are some of the top vinyl records to collect.   Rumors – Fleetwood Mac As one of the top-selling albums in the past decade, “Rumors” is full of hits listeners of any age can appreciate.  […]

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Picking Your Road Trip Playlist

Road Trip Playlist
May 18, 2023

Some genres are better for road trips than others. For instance, you may want to avoid music that will chill you out too much or get you too hyped up. Listen to songs that strike a pleasant balance where you can remain alert and level-headed. Rock, pop and hip-hop are all excellent genres to turn […]

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The Best Songs From the 2023 Summerfest Artists

Summerfet 2023 - Visit Record Head
April 12, 2023

Summerfest 2023 is right around the corner. This year, an eclectic selection of artists spanning numerous genres will make their way to Milwaukee to provide a week of spectacular music. As you decide which acts you want to see during the festival, check out this list to discover the best song from some of the […]

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The 6 Bestselling Greatest Hits Album of All Time

The Beatles
March 9, 2023

Listening to a greatest hits album is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with a classic artist or to rediscover your love for a band. Many fans adore the greatest hits collections, so many of the best compilation albums have seen incredible record sales. Here are the bestselling greatest hits albums of all time.  Queen […]

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Upcycling Old Concert T-Shirts

T-shirts hanging on hangers on a wrack
January 11, 2023

Over the years, you’ve collected a lot of band t-shirts. But your touring days are getting fewer and far between, and many of those t-shirts are getting ratty, out of style, or just don’t fit anymore. All is not lost! There’s a lot you can do with those old concert shirts, including: Make a Choker […]

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Vinyl, Cassette and CD — What Are the Differences in Quality?

Vinyl, Cassette and CD — What Are the Differences in Quality?
October 27, 2022

You probably have friends who claim they can tell the difference between vinyl and any other type of music format. You may even think you can hear the telltale distinctions between vinyl, cassettes, and CDs. But is there any difference, or is it just wishful thinking? There are ways to discern what you listen to, […]

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11 Must-Watch Musician Biopics From the 21st Century

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie still
July 28, 2022

We’ve seen dozens of storied and novel musical artists come and go over the past two decades. In the 21st century, filmmakers and audiences have come together to share their appreciation and fascination with some of the world’s most influential performers through captivating biopics. Here are 11 of the best movies about musicians that have […]

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The Best Way to Listen to Music

June 16, 2022

If you want to appreciate professionally recorded music for all it has to offer, it’s time to consider the media and methods you use to listen to your favorite tracks. Let’s compare ways to listen to music to help you create the most immersive setup. Vinyl Records, CDs, or Streaming Services: Which is the Best? […]

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Great Musicians From Wisconsin

Bo Deans
May 3, 2022

Wisconsin is well known for its cheese and dairy, but it is also home to many great bands and musicians. From jazz singers to classic rock bands, the rootsy sound of Wisconsin makes its way into many of its musician’s pieces.  Bo Deans Bo Deans is a classic rock band from Waukesha, Wisconsin, with a […]

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10 Best Movies for Music Lovers

Still Water from Almost Famous
February 23, 2022

Many people who love music also adore movies. Movies about music are a great way to combine your interest. Whether you’re watching dramas or biopics of musicians, films let you experience music in a new way. Record Head has the ultimate music movies to put on your to-watch list. 1. Whiplash This 2014 movie is about […]

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