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10 Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

Best Video Games sound tracks
January 29, 2024

Like a movie soundtrack, the music playing while you explore enchanted lands or blast away alien enemies in a video game sets the tone and propels the story forward. To celebrate this art form, we’ve compiled a list of the best video game soundtracks of all time. 1. Journey (2012) One of the few video […]

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10 Reasons Why Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain

man in red shirt playing video games
September 6, 2023

From action-packed shooter games to challenging strategy games, we love a good video game. As technology advances and game developers keep creating fresh content, there seems to be a new game to try every day. Luckily for gamers like us, there are many benefits to playing video games that will encourage you to keep playing […]

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History of Nintendo Consoles
From the Arcade to the Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch with Mario Cart
May 19, 2022

Nintendo began developing video games in the 1970s during the height of arcade gaming. When other companies like Atari began developing video game systems for home use, Nintendo broadened its horizons and began working on its own consoles.  Today, the historic developer has more systems than nearly any other company, so it takes effort to […]

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History of Microsoft Xbox Consoles

playing an xbox
April 20, 2022

The Microsoft Xbox Series S and X models start a new page in the gaming titan’s history. With such a rock-solid market position, you’d think Microsoft must be one of the oldest console brands. In reality, Xbox is a relatively new player. Let’s peak into the memory card to appreciate the consoles that forged Microsoft’s gaming […]

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History of Sega Consoles

Sega 16-bit
December 29, 2021

The Japanese video game company Sega was one of the major players in the industry’s foundation. While it experienced success developing arcade games, most know Sega for its timeless stories and iconic characters. Few of today’s gamers have ever gotten their hands on one of the various Sega consoles.  Unless you lived through it, you […]

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The History of Atari

Atari game console
November 5, 2021

Atari changed the world with its run of influential in-home consoles that shaped the industry. Here’s your guide to Atari’s video game legacy from the folks at the Record Head exchange store.  When Did Atari Enter the Market?  Atari hit the market in 1972 after Nolan Bushnell and Ted Danby found success with their games […]

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Best Local Multiplayer Games for PS4

Playstation 4
September 9, 2021

The PS4 is an amazing console full of games you can play alone or with friends. While online play is the most prominent outlet for co-op gaming, the PS4 has plenty of multiplayer titles you can enjoy locally. If you want to play with friends from home without the connectivity struggles of online play, here are […]

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Top 10 Athletic Video Games of All Time

NFL Blitz Game
July 9, 2021

You may never score a touchdown in the NFL or dunk over LeBron James in the NBA, but you can get the next-best feeling by playing the best sports video games ever made. Whether they originally came out on PlayStation, Xbox or even the original Nintendo, these games give you the thrills of playing without […]

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History of Sony PlayStation Consoles

Playing FIFA on the PlayStation
February 17, 2021

If you’ve ever seen old PlayStation consoles, you may wonder how they evolved to offer the incredible gaming format you see today with the PlayStation 5. Our guide to Sony video game consoles tells you how they came about and helps you decide if you’re trying to pick between all the PlayStation consoles. The History of […]

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The Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Gaming

Man in VR Headset
January 6, 2021

Virtual reality (VR) has grown in popularity in recent years. VR technology has rapidly developed, making in-home systems more accessible than ever. Virtual reality games are all the rage, yet for someone who has never seen or used VR, the idea can seem daunting. The team at Record Head has created this guide to virtual […]

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