How Music Can Increase Productivity

Music is increasingly becoming a part of our day-to-day lives. Recent technologies have given us even greater access to music everywhere we are. With its greater presence in our lives, music might be affecting how we work and how much we get done, and it’s crucial to understand how.

Music and productivity research shows that it does change how productive we are. There are certain situations where music in the workplace can help and where it can become an issue.

Certain Music Can Help You Focus…

Some music is beneficial to your productivity. Music with a simple structure, in major keys and without lyrics has shown to improve focus. Because of this helpful nature, listening has become common in the workplace. If you’re doing repetitive tasks, like checking and replying to emails, music can keep you on task and help prevent your mind from wandering.

If your office area sees almost constant traffic and noise, music can help you distance yourself from those distractions. By putting on some headphones or earbuds, you’re taking yourself to another place and also sending a message to your coworkers — you’re not to be disturbed unless it’s something important.

Music that you choose to listen to is also key. If your neighbor is playing some without using headphones or earbuds, it can be a big distraction to everyone working around them.

While certain tunes can give you a boost in productivity, other types of music can actually do the exact opposite.

…While Other Kinds Can Distract

Music with lyrics or a complex structure can make you more unproductive than if you weren’t playing any at all. But why is that?

Complex music that has lyrics requires more attention than that with a simpler structure and no words. If you play this type of music while you work, you may find yourself paying more attention to what you’re listening to than what you’re supposed to be working on.

There is one time when you should avoid listening to music entirely — while you’re learning something new. In fact, any type of distraction during this time will prevent you from retaining all the information you need. Whether you’re reading an email with an important message or watching a training video, just turn off your music for the time being.

These scenarios show some basic ways that music affects the brain. However, the rules aren’t set in stone. If you’ve just trained yourself to listen to music with lyrics and still get your work done just fine, keep going! Changing your music-and-work habits may cause you to become unproductive.

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