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The Best Way to Listen to Music

June 16, 2022

If you want to appreciate professionally recorded music for all it has to offer, it’s time to consider the media and methods you use to listen to your favorite tracks. Let’s compare ways to listen to music to help you create the most immersive setup. Vinyl Records, CDs, or Streaming Services: Which is the Best? […]

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Do Records Sound Better Than Digital Recordings?

Turntable sitting next to computer
March 23, 2022

Digital recordings are more accessible than ever, allowing listeners to play songs instantly from many devices. However, vinyl records have surged in recent years, leading to a debate over whether digital or vinyl recordings create a better sound.  While the answer lies mainly in your personal preferences, there are major differences between the two sounds. […]

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3 Craft Ideas for Unplayable Records

Bowl made from Records
January 27, 2022

Do you still have the first record you bought? How a scratched record from years ago? Your vinyl collection probably has several records you can’t play anymore because of damage. If you’re wondering what to do with old records, you can upcycle them to reduce waste and preserve nostalgia.  Shop Records Online 1. Make a […]

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How Records Are Made 

record on a turntable
October 21, 2021

There’s a certain charm to vinyl records that can stand the test of time. Many listeners even prefer vinyl as their favorite way to consume music. Whether you’re a long-time vinyl fan or a young listener amazed at how music was recorded prior to digital technology, it’s intriguing to learn about the process of making […]

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Records vs. Vinyl: Are They the Same Thing?

Vinyl Record
September 23, 2021

At first glance, the terms “record” and “vinyl” mean the same thing, right? They describe the same concept on some level — a flat, disk-shaped medium for music storage from the old days. Even in the age of CDs and digital streaming, listeners and artists say things like, “put the record on,” “buy our new […]

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Top 10 Highest-Selling Albums of All Time in the US

Top 10 selling albums
August 12, 2021

Under the RIAA’s updated parameters, an album receives platinum certification after 1 million sales or 1.5 billion streams, with 1,500 streams equaling one sale. In this list, we’ll count down to the United States’ highest-selling album of all time, but with a twist. Today, we’re only looking at original studio albums, meaning we’re excluding live performances […]

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The Different Weights of Records and Why They Matter

Man Holding up Record
July 22, 2021

Vinyl records have something about them that makes for an extra-special music listening experience. While the format has seen its days as the dominant form of music consumption pass by, listeners still love the novelty appeal vinyl albums hold. If you’re starting or expanding your collection, it’s important to become familiar with the finer details […]

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Quick Guide to Vinyl Record Sizes and Speeds

Record Being Played
June 11, 2021

There’s something special about holding a vinyl record in your hands and then putting the needle on the record as you explore the unique artwork. While this format experienced a decline as new music technology took the forefront, the old ways are making a comeback.  Whether you’re interested in diving back into the world of […]

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Turntable Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One for You

Turntable being used
March 24, 2021

There’s nothing like scrolling through your collection of vinyl, placing one on the turntable, and relaxing ⁠— or rocking out ⁠— to your favorite music. There’s something about playing a record that connects you to a simpler time in music’s history. Regardless if you’ve been collecting vinyl for years or if you’re new to the physical music world, […]

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Vinyl, Cassette and CD — What Are the Differences in Quality?

Vinyl, Cassette and CD — What Are the Differences in Quality?
March 17, 2021

You probably have friends who claim they can tell the difference between vinyl and any other type of music format. You may even think you can hear the telltale distinctions between vinyl, cassettes and CDs. But is there actually any difference, or is it just wishful thinking? The truth is, there are ways to discern […]

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