The Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual reality (VR) has grown in popularity in recent years. VR technology has rapidly developed, making in-home systems more accessible than ever. Virtual reality games are all the rage, yet for someone who has never seen or used VR, the idea can seem daunting.

The team at Record Head has created this guide to virtual reality gaming to help you understand the concept. With so many products on the market and different price tags attached to them, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for you. This info on virtual reality gaming can help get you started on your search.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality refers to devices that stimulate your senses to alter your reality. The subcategories of virtual reality include the following:

  • Virtual reality: This is what most people think of when discussing this topic. It includes external hardware and software that completely change your reality. The experience is both tactile and digital. It’s like you’re in another world, and you can do things within that world using supplementary gear.
  • Augmented reality (AR): AR is less immersive than VR. It deals with taking the natural world and adding virtual elements to it. AR starts with images of the real world on a screen, such as your smartphone. It then adds things like animals or colors to the image to make the real world look different.
  • Mixed reality (MR): This is a mix between VR and AR. MR takes the idea of AR and makes it interactive. In mixed reality, you can see your altered reality and change things within it.

AR and MR can be as simple as using interactive filters on your smartphone’s camera, but VR can be a bit more complex. It usually requires additional hardware to make the experience truly immersive. What are these devices? What is virtual reality used for? The answers may surprise you!

Virtual Reality Devices

Virtual reality needs software to function and hardware to make it immersive. Hardware for VR can include any or all of the following devices:

  • Processing and power source: You need something to power the virtual reality experience. This can be your phone, video game system, PC or laptop. In some cases, a power source can be self-contained within the virtual reality gear, such as the headset.
  • Headset: A virtual reality headset is the centerpiece of the VR experience. This head-mounted device uses lenses and screens to project an image that takes up nearly your entire field of vision. Some headsets have headphones built in to provide audio, deepening the immersion. Headsets let you hear and see things as if you’re really there. They’re often motion-controlled, so you can move your head to look around the environment.
  • Controllers: You interact with your virtual environment using controllers. VR controllers come in many shapes and sizes. Some use buttons for simple controls, while others use motion controls and can detect subtle finger movements. Haptic feedback makes the experience even better by using vibrations to simulate different sensory experiences.
  • Cameras: VR hardware uses cameras to track movement to make the experience more realistic. These can be housed within controllers or headsets, but they can also be set up around a room to keep track of your movements and location.

If you have the available space, you can set up cameras around your room to create a large playing area to move around in. Other types of virtual reality can work in the standing or sitting position, keeping the experience contained. Your intended VR application affects the gear and available space you’ll need.

Uses for Virtual Reality

Gaming is one of the most common reasons people get into VR, but there are many other exciting ways you can enjoy virtual reality. These include the following:

  • Creating and enjoying 3D artwork
  • Watching movies and television shows
  • Socializing with people around the world
  • Meditating and relaxing
  • Conducting business meetings

One of the beauties of virtual reality is that anyone can use it. Intuitive controls and understandable actions allow less technologically savvy people to understand it with a bit of practice.

The most common reason consumers want to get into VR is for the gaming aspect. What is VR gaming? VR gaming lets you play video games in a whole new way. You’ll use the necessary hardware to feel like you’re living in an alternate world, interacting with the characters and doing various activities. VR games can involve warfare, adventure, travel, sports, cooking and more. The genres are nearly limitless, as developers are finding new and exciting ways to create virtual reality games.

How to Get Into VR Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is an exciting new industry that gamers around the world want to be part of. You can use this VR gaming information to help you take the next step. First, you need to consider your current setup. Do you have an entire living room you can use for VR gaming? Do you have a small office or bedroom that can work as a makeshift VR space? Or will you mostly be gaming on your couch or favorite chair instead of moving around?

The next factor to consider is the price. VR gear has a wide range in terms of startup costs. The cheapest devices can be less than $100, but the price dramatically increases from there. You can expect to spend quite a bit on VR gear if you go for a top-of-the-line product. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with VR.

Certain video game systems can use VR out of the box. You’ll just have to purchase the right headset and controllers to make it work. This can be much cheaper than buying an expensive headset with the software and hardware built-in. It’s also easier than purchasing or building a powerful PC to run your VR gaming experience. If you are looking to do some light dabbling with VR gaming, purchasing an inexpensive attachment for your smartphone can give you the experience you’re looking for.

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