Upcycling Old Concert T-Shirts

T-shirts hanging on hangers on a wrack

Over the years, you’ve collected a lot of band t-shirts. But your touring days are getting fewer and far between, and a lot of those t-shirts are getting ratty, out of style or just don’t fit anymore. All is not lost! There’s a lot you can do with those old concert shirts, including:

Make a Choker T-Shirt

Holes in the front of your tour shirt? No problem! Just cut out the offending piece, leaving just the collar for a stylish choker shirt.  Not only will you be able to salvage your favorite concert t-shirt, but you will get a stylish new addition to you wardrobe.

Make a Cool New Shirt

If your current band shirt is on its last legs, you might still be able to salvage the spirit of it. A few cuts in the right places can work magic! Check out this video on 5 ways to upgrade an old shirt. If the choker idea is leaving you feeling a little too exposed, you can make it less revealing but still appealing by adding eyelets and string for a lace-up front.

Make a Dress

There are many ways to make your favorite shirt into your new favorite dress. You could sew the logo onto an existing dress (this also works great on a hoodie), you could simply add some fabric to cover some of the leg area or if you’re dealing with an oversized T-shirt a few cuts, a little sewing, and a belt can all go a long way.

 Make a Sunglass Case

With just scissors, a shoelace, a needle and thread, a safety pin, chalk and a ruler, you can make a nifty fabric sunglass case out of your old band t-shirt. You can also glue the fabric onto any old hard sunglass cases you have laying around!

Make a Throw Pillow

Are your throw pillows looking a little blah? Jazz them up with material from your band T-shirt! It is a great way to represent your favorite bands every single day. Check out this step by step tutorial. 

Make a Tote Bag

Turning what’s left of your band T-shirt onto a tote is a great way to show your true colors in a little more sophisticated and more convenient way. Here are directions to complete it in only ten minutes!

Make a Quilt

If you’ve got a bunch of old band T-shirts you know you’re not going to wear again, sew them all together into a quilt. Now you can finally sleep with all your favorite bands the way you’ve always wanted to! Another take on this sewing design is to turn them into a scarf!

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