Best Xbox Case Mods

Xbox case modification

An Xbox 360 is a cool system and it has a cool look to match. Its streamlined appearance is meant to evoke a futuristic feel and preview all the excitement of playing Xbox 360 games. What’s even cooler is all the ways you can modify the Xbox 360 case to make it even more fun and exciting. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Chrome Mod

Nothing says high-tech, modern and cool like Chrome. This mod covers your entire case and controller in gleaming, shiny chrome. If a T-1000 was hiding in your home waiting to ambush John Connor, it would look exactly like this Xbox 360 case.

The Iron Man Mod

The red-and-gold Iron Man mod looks like it could have been ripped right off of Tony Stark’s chest, including the iconic blue glow of the power source right in the middle. It’s the perfect mod to use while playing all your favorite Marvel-themed Xbox video games.

The Steampunk Mod

The Xbox 360 was made for Steampunk. This mod makes your Xbox look exactly as it would look if some mad scientist were able to make one in the industrial, pre-technological Victorian era.



The Star Wars Mod

Speaking of which, for real geeks, there’s the Star Wars Mod. It perfectly evokes your two favorite droids, the console itself taking on the classic blue-and-white markings of R2D2, while the controller id the gleaming golden sheen of C3PO.



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