10 Best Classic Action Movies

Comparatively speaking, action movies are a fairly recent type of movie genre. Action wasn’t really popularized until the 1970s. Since then, there have been tons of films made in this style. Action movies have popular themes like spies, superheroes and more.

Below are some of our favorites and what we think are some of the best action movies ever made.

1. “King Kong” (1933)

Monster movies are their own unique subgenre of action movies. While some of the “King Kong” reboots have been a little iffy, the original is absolutely worth seeing. The practical effects hold up fairly well for a film made in the ’30s, and it blends action and adventure very well.

2. “Die Hard”

This movie inspired countless references in other films, music and TV, as well as more than a few sequels. The film also helped propel Bruce Willis into the mainstream as one of the biggest action stars in the movie industry.

3. “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Harrison Ford was still riding the high of “Star Wars” fame when he made the first movie in the “Indiana Jones” franchise. This movie made lots of kids, teenagers and even adult believe that archeology led to adventure and intrigue. It’s a classic for a good reason.

4. “Aliens”

The “Alien” sequel took the original thriller and turned it into an action movie. Focusing less on tension and more on the action, we weren’t afraid that the aliens couldn’t be destroyed — more on how it would happen.

5. “The Matrix”

Lots of action movies that came after “The Matrix” borrowed things from it. Remember the scene that goes into slow motion and Neo bends over backward to avoid a bunch of bullets? That concept has come up in so many instances since it first appeared here.

6. “Predator”

The idea of the ultimate predator. This unique concept made for one exciting and a really unique monster/alien design. Humans are the top predators on Earth, and this movie gave us a new kind of fear from imagining what it would be like if there was something out there that hunted us like animals.

7. “The Terminator”

The original “Terminator” movie is a classic because it put viewers into a unique world facing an uncertain future. The movie is packed full of fight scenes, car chases and more.

8. “Lethal Weapon”

Buddy cop movies and TV shows have become really popular, possibly because of this movie. Two cops partner up to take down big crime bosses in Los Angeles, of course getting into and out of some tough spots along the way.

9. “From Russia With Love”

James Bond has seen lots of movies and lots of different actors. It’s one of the longest-running film franchises of all time. “From Russia With Love” represented the best of James Bond. Spy movies seem a little toned-down compared to other action movies, but they’re still classics.

10. “Independence Day”

“Independence Day” gave us a new spin on this holiday. There are great action sequences and also some really excellent plays with tension. With in-your-face special effects and big victories, this action movie is an exciting ride for all.

If you love action movies, these are all must-sees. If you think a different movie should have made our list, tell us about it in the comments!