How to Display Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are more than just an entertaining way to listen to your favorite artists. In some cases, they’re an investment that you want to keep safe from damage and scratches. The vinyl comeback is thriving, and collectors have discographies worth holding onto.

While digital libraries are safe on devices, your vinyl record collection is prone to dust, moisture, warping and more if you store it improperly. That said, if you’re an audiophile or simply enjoy interior design, displaying your record collection will give you a whole new way to interact with your music.

Storing Vinyl Records Safely

Old and new vinyl is somewhat fragile. Album sleeves and record players are designed to keep these releases in their perfect form. Records will become unplayable over time if you ignore proper storage methods.

Keep the following information in mind when you’re handling records:

  • Never stack them in a pile: It might seem like a good idea, but placing albums on top of one another causes them to warp. Additionally, too much weight on a record will wear down its outer sleeve.
  • Keep them standing up: Placing vinyl similar to files in a cabinet prolongs record life. Pressure is not applied to each record this way, and sleeves are uncompressed.
  • Keep them away from moisture: Your record collection will absorb moisture in wet environments, and moisture damages artwork sleeves and can trap mold over time.
  • Lift them off the floor: Dirt and dust — which often reside on the floor — are a record’s worst enemy. What’s more, bringing albums off the floor will prevent others from accidentally stepping on your collection.

Creative Ways to Showcase Your Records: Wall Frames

The comeback of vinyl influences how we can organize our music space. Deciding on a creative way to showcase your record collection will enable you to listen to physical releases while admiring your purchases.

If you have rare albums, try picking up some record display frames. Whether you decide to leave the album in its sleeve or not is entirely up to you. Record frames easily hang on walls and fixtures and can be as inexpensive as you want them to be. Some wall frames and mounts even hold multiple records, which is ideal for larger collections.

Record Crates and Boxes

You can have a lot of fun searching for record crates and boxes to suit your home. Those who enjoy DIY projects can write or paint on old pallets that are great for repurposing. Record boxes and crates are simple to assemble and can hold upwards of 100 LP’s at a time. In addition, wooden crates are extremely sturdy and can securely hold your collection for quick listening.

Picture Ledges and Bookshelves

Depending on their shape, picture ledges and open bookshelves are excellent for vinyl storage. These pieces of furniture will let you stand your albums up straight and keep them accessible. This form of storage is popular across record shops because the collections stored on them catch the eye.

As with any form of storage, beware of dust. Regularly monitor these areas for dust buildup if the records are left out in the open.

Magazine Racks

It should be noted that not every magazine rack will be able to serve your vinyl collection. Wire racks are a thinner alternative to wooden crates and take up less space in your home. Remember your 12-inch and 7-inch collection the next time you see a magazine rack for sale, and it might just create the perfect music zone you’ve been looking for.

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