6 MegaMan X’s on One Little Disc

Megaman X Collection on a disk

Record Head is in possession of a GameCube copy of MegaMan X Collection for $69.98. This is a complete copy with its original manual and case. This game includes: MegaMan X, MegaMan X-2, MegaMan X-3, MegaMan X-4, MegaMan X-5, MegaMan X-6 and, released for the first time in the U.S., MegaMan Battle & Chase. The MegaMan X games are side scrolling action-adventure games.

MegaMan X through X-3 were originally available on the Super Nintendo console. These games take place in the year 21XX. These are the story of Dr. Light’s good guy robot, simply named X, trying to stop the evil Sigma from destroying humanity. X is a “reploid”, which is a robot designed to help humans with everyday tasks. X is Dr. Light’s first creation to have complete and total free will. X uses his x-buster, a lazer built into his arm, to charge and blast through level after level of robotic animal goons and bosses. The bosses in these games are typically Mavericks, which are evil reploids that are either corrupted by a virus or just flat out hate human kind. The fights always take place in an enclosed room with just X and the enemy boss, which adds to the challenge since there’s not a lot places you can run to or hide. Once you defeat these bosses you will receive an upgrade to your x-buster that will give a power unique to the boss you just defeated. For example Chill Penguin is a boss who uses ice. When you defeat him you receive the ice shotgun. This new blaster will now be super effective against Spark Mandrill who is an electric user. As you are going through these levels you will run into the helpful Dr. Light. He has hidden tubes that offer X upgrades to his boots, helmet, buster, and armor. These upgrades can be very pivotal in the completion of the game (especially the boots). You will also receive help from the dashing reploid Zero. He is a lazer sword wielding bad ass that was a “failed” experiment by the evil Dr. Willey. Since his creation has gone rogue and will fight against anyone for the sake of humanity. From his awesome red suit to his luxurious long blonde locks this guy screams cool. Although he in these games seems to be a sidekick some view him as the real hero. These games (X through X-3) are what I would consider casual paced games. They can be very challenging for a new-comer and also a breeze for someone who’s played before. Knowing the order in which to defeat bosses can cut an insane amount of time from the games. These games are some of my favorite games of all time. Even while I write this now I can’t get MegaMan X’s amazing soundtrack out of my head. These games were and still are way ahead of their time. Awesome controls to beautiful robotic landscapes. These 3 got it all!

Now onto MegaMan X-4 through X-6; these games came out for the PlayStation 1 and are a bit different. You still have the main character X, but now you can also play as Zero. Sigma has still found ways to keep coming back and wreaking havoc on the innocent. The levels are still 2D side scrolling adventure, but much faster paced. In the other you had to run into Dr. Light in order to upgrade your gear. In X-5 and X-6 you start the games as a fully upgraded X. You the player will have to skillfully use these abilities to blast, duck, dodge, and dash past wave after wave of enemies. The bosses are similar in the sense that once defeated they offer a new weapon upgrade used to defeat other bosses. These games are accompanied by another set of awesome soundtracks and now short anime clips. These games in my opinion are considerably more challenging. In X through X-3 you had time to decide how to progress through the level. In X-4 through X-6 you have to be very quick on your toes, because enemies just keep on coming!

This collection also includes MegaMan Battle and Chase. The story of this game is that a new T.V. game show is offering 10,000,000 zenny (robot money) to the winner of the robot car wacky races. Battle and Chase is a 3D kart racing game very similar to Mario Kart. You drive MegaMan themed cars around in 15 different tracks whilst shooting your cars built-in weapons at the other opposing racers. Each car has different attributes and abilities. For instance Quick man’s car offers good acceleration, a slide move and quick turbo. Whereas MegaMan is a more balanced car with a Mega buster and charged shot option. When this game had come out so many companies had their version of a kart racer, which Capcom had felt it wasn’t worth an American release. Well this game isn’t every kart racer. Having the ability to customize your cars load out isn’t in many of those games and either is MegaMan!

Finally this collection comes with a digital art book and remixed soundtracks. As I mentioned before the music in these games is amazing. They have a tendency to get stuck in your head and never leave. The art as well is still some of the coolest work I’ve seen and its 2016. Most of the time these bonus art books and soundtracks go untouched, but these are definitely worth checking out. What else do you really need? Awesome game play, good graphics, challenging bosses, stellar soundtrack, and there are 7 games on a single disc! Keep in mind MegaMan X-3 sells for around $250 by itself on E-bay! For players new or old, this game will 100% deliver for $70. So come on down to Record Head and scoop not 1 but 7 classics on one disc!