Sell Your Items & Get Cash the Sameday

If you’re looking to sell your old records, video games, and other media in Milwaukee, Record Head in West Allis is the place to go. We’re always buying used products to keep our inventory fresh and exciting.  We pride ourselves on offering customers a fair price or trade value for their used items and we pay cash on the same day.  We also offer more than our competitors to ensure you get the right value.  We also have trade options if something new catches your eye during your visit. 

Bring your media to our store on West Greenfield Avenue to get an immediate competitive price.


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The Record Head Selling Process

At Record Head, we do our best to give customers a fair deal when they sell us their used video games, stereos, records and musical instruments. Selling to Record Head is a great way to get some cash fast or cut a deal on your purchase from our store. 

The process is easy — bring the items you want to sell down to our shop in West Allis, and our staff will evaluate them for quality and value. If you have a lot to sell, we buy and sell wholesale inventory, too. Give us a call to set up an appointment and we’ll stop by to check out what you have and make a competitive offer. 

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Getting the Most for Your Trade-In

We pride ourselves on offering customers a fair price or trade value for their used items. Here are some things to remember before stopping by with your used turntables, stereos, or video games.

Understand What You Have

Knowing the value of your item and understanding how to keep them in good condition will help you get the most in return. Record Head looks for certain qualities in the products we purchase: 

  • Gaming ConsolesThe most valuable items are fully functioning and come complete with all necessary cables. Do your best to learn the specifics of your make and model and keep all the parts together. 
  • Vinyl records: A record’s value is in its quality and popularity. We love skip-free records, especially rare and collector’s edition pressings.  
  • Audio equipment: The most valuable audio equipment is in good cosmetic condition and works at full capacity. Familiarize yourself with the market for your device so you know its worth before selling. 
  • Video games: We give the most cash back for rare games in good condition with their original packaging. As for consoles, be sure to keep all cables and controllers intact. 
  • CDs: For CDs condition counts above all else. Popularity is another valuable trait, but we love classics, too! We’ll give the best return for scarce CDs with their original casing.
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Parts Are Valuable

We will occasionally buy defective or broken items that we can refurbish or strip for parts. For items we can’t sell, we offer a free recycling program.

Where to Find Record Head

To receive the most accurate valuation of your used media, stop into Record Head at 7045 W. Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, Wisconsin. For more on our inventory or to discuss a potential sale, give us a call at (414)453-3900 or contact us online today! 

Store Hours

  • Sunday: 9:30am -6pm
  • Monday – Thursdays: 9:30am -7pm
  • Fridays: Summer 9:30am -6pm  •  Winter 9:30am -4pm
  • Saturday: CLOSED

Our Location

  • Record Head: 7045 W Greenfield Ave, West Allis, Wl 53214
  • Phone: (414) 453-3900
  • Follow Us:
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