Xbox One vs. PS4

Xbox remote

A Pros & Cons Quick Guide

For years, three consoles have been fighting for your dollar. There’s Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii. Many of us can only afford one, or only have one TV they can dedicate to gaming. Which do you choose when it comes to the latest iteration of these consoles? Nintendo fans are a following all their own, so if you want the Nintendo Wii U, there’s a good chance you know it already – but who wins between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4?

Xbox One Pros:

  1. Games launch immediately, no disc switching
  2. Plenty of extra storage and you can add on as much as you need through an external hard drive
  3. Kinect 2.0 Included
  4. Top-notch controller fully adds to gaming experience
  5. Large library of quality games

Xbox One Cons:

  1. Less power than PS4
  2. Larger console than PS4, somewhat unwieldy
  3. More expensive than PS4

PS4 Pros:

  1. More power than Xbox One
  2. Cheaper than Xbox One
  3. Some very appealing games exclusive to PS4
  4. Less clunky, better-looking console
  5. Software more likely to be compatible with future generations

PS4 Cons:

  1. Disc-switching can make some installations cumbersome
  2. Online updates not always reliable
  3. Smaller box could be noisier and more overheating-prone than Xbox One

There’s a lot to like about these systems, and it may come down to personal preference. If you liked the old version of a system, there’s a good chance you’ll like the newest one. If you haven’t been as happy with the way your favorite system has been treating you, this may be a good time to switch it up.

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