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10 Reasons Why Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain

man in red shirt playing video games
September 6, 2023

From action-packed shooter games to challenging strategy games, we love a good video game. As technology advances and game developers keep creating fresh content, there seems to be a new game to try every day. Luckily for gamers like us, there are many benefits to playing video games that will encourage you to keep playing […]

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The History of Atari

Atari game console
November 5, 2021

Atari changed the world with its run of influential in-home consoles that shaped the industry. Here’s your guide to Atari’s video game legacy from the folks at the Record Head exchange store.  When Did Atari Enter the Market?  Atari hit the market in 1972 after Nolan Bushnell and Ted Danby found success with their games […]

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