Five Microphone Myths

Close up of a microphone

You can not record great sound without a microphone, but do you know all you need to know about this wonderful device? There are a lot of myths about microphones, and we’d like to dispel a few for you right here so you don’t get bamboozled. So, without further ado:

The Best Wireless Microphones Are Totally Interference Free

False. You can find quality wireless microphones, but the fact is that a wireless signal is not enclosed in a tube that separates it from other frequencies. There is no way to completely insulate your frequency from interference with nearby frequencies.

The best thing you can do is tune your microphone as accurately as possible. If someone tries to sell you an “interference free” wireless mic, they are running a game on you.

When It Comes to Microphones, the Louder, the Better

This is tempting to believe, but it is false. In fact, a microphone that is too loud can actually disrupt sound.

Your sound power comes from having quality and properly positioned speakers that create natural sound flow within your target area. Louder mics can also be extra sensitive to high frequencies, meaning you have to be more careful where you put them.

You Must Have a Pop Filter on Your Mic When Recording Vocals

Proper singing technique and singer placement can get rid of the need for a pop filter. The pop filter creates a barrier between the sound and the microphone, which means you’re not getting the purest sound.

If you are having a problem with popping sounds you just cannot solve, a pop filter is your best bet. You can learn to record without one, though, and you can get a purer sound when doing so.

Record Drums First and Vocals Last

This seems to be a common belief among producers, but in fact, there is no real reason why you need to record tracks in any particular order, unless the situation demands it for some reason. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way, but nothing bad will happen if you do not.

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