Everything You Need to Know About Tube TVs

Since they were invented, televisions have come a long, long way. But, we’re also at a strange point with TVs. Lots of people have the latest models with all kinds of amazing features, while others have outdated sets that still work okay.

Tube TVs are the most common outdated TV out there. In the early 2000s, LCD TVs appeared as the newer, improved TV with updated technology. But, tube TVs were the majority sold around that time. That was only 15 years ago, so lots of these TVs are still around.

Below, we’ll talk about why you should upgrade your tube TV and the advantages to investing in a newer type.

Disadvantages of Tube TVs

Tube TVs are outdated, as we have made enormous advances in technology in the past few decades. By holding onto your old tube TV, you’re missing out on some really great new features. Smart TVs, LED TVs and flat-screen TVs can do so many more things than your old tube TV. You can connect many of these TVs directly to the Internet, allowing you to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more directly on your TV.

Newer TVs are also more energy efficient and have a much better picture than that of tube TVs. Many of our devices are compatible only with new models, like game consoles. Very soon, tube TVs will become completely obsolete because they can’t compete with TVs with newer technologies. Because of their impending obsolescence, why would you hold onto an old tube TV?

Aside from their outdated technology, tube TVs are also very bad to just throw away. These TVs are made from many different materials, including ones that are very toxic such as lead and heavy metals. When these materials begin breaking down, they can seep into the soil and drinking water of that area. Exposure to these things can make people very sick. Newer TVs are much safer than tube TVs and don’t contain these toxins.

If you do have to get rid of your tube TV, you need to make sure you do so safely.

Record Head’s Large TV Selection

At Record Head, we also offer a selection of newer model TVs to upgrade from your tube TV. Many items in our inventory are great deals, letting you save money in the process! Even you though you can keep using your old tube TV, it doesn’t mean you should. It’s a smarter move to upgrade from your tube TV before they become completely obsolete.

Stop into Record Head today to recycle your tube TV and upgrade to a better model! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.