Erase your E-Waste!

With constant increases in how much technology and electronics are consumed it was just a matter of time before we would have to figure out how to deal with excess tech in our lives.  As things become obsolete or unneeded our natural inclination is to get rid of them after they are no longer needed.

The first thing to do is to see if a resale shop would be interested in purchasing your items before trying to donate or dispose of them. Typically, a resale shop if they are able to buy your things, a resale shop does not give you the full value of an item, but that is more than made up for by the immediacy and convenience of the sale.  My personal favorite resale shop is Record Head, which is located on the corner of 71st and Greenfield in the heart of beautiful downtown West Allis. In addition to them taking in quite the variety of electronics for cash purchases at excellent prices they offer a service where they will insure that any electronics that they cannot take will be properly recycled without harm to the environment.

If you cannot find anyone to give you any form of cash or trade for your unwanted electronics the best way to get any value out of them is to donate it to a school or charitable organization. A lot of time there is a serious disparity in technology that a school needs so a computer that you’re no longer using could make a difference in the education of a youngling.  In addition to making an altruistic difference a charitable organization should give you a a slip where you can declare the value of your donations and use that value as a tax write off.

Lastly, if you cannot find a resale shop or nonprofit that would be willing to take your items you need to do the leg work of making sure they are properly disposed of. DO NOT THROW THEM IN THE GARBAGE!  Electronic devices are a complex mixture of several hundred materials. Many of these contain toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium, as well as hazardous chemicals, such as brominated flame retardants. Polluting PVC plastic is also frequently used.  When these items are left unprocessed and in a land fill they are exposed to rainwater and the elements. When rainwater passes through these items it picks up these harmful chemicals on its way to the ground. Once these elements are introduced into our water supply it has numerous consequences. These chemicals are introduced into the things we eat and drink. Obviously this puts a strain on our water filtration system, and could easily affect the quality of our drinking water. Apart from that which is much harder to filter out are these chemicals effects on the water table in general. When this rainwater seeps into our groundwater after cycling through e-waste’s dangerous chemicals it effects the quality of water in lakes and streams which in turn effects fish and wildlife as well as the water used by farmers for their crops.


Because of the negative effects on the environment it is imperative that you make sure that all of your unneeded electronics are properly taken care of. Make sure to visit a proper e-cycler like Record Head today!

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