Bring Your Items To Our Buy/Sell/Trade Shop In West Allis And Lets Make A Deal

Do you have some quality items that you just don’t use or need anymore? Maybe you just need some quick cash? Consider our Buy Sell Trade shop at Record Head in West Allis, we can make you a deal and buy your items for cash. New to buying or selling? Read on and decide if you’d like to try it!

To Buy Sell or Trade?

Pawn Shop In West AllisYou may get a little more cash for your item if you want to just sell it. Often an owner of a shop won’t have to hold or store your item for as long if you just sell it to them. If you would rather sell (get a loan for your item) you will get less money for it, but if you pay off the loan, you get your item back. These loans do collect interest, so be sure you are fully aware of the Buy sell trade shop’s policy about interest and repayment of the loan before you commit to the deal. A loan can be good for people who only need a small loan to get by until the next payday, or if a person just need some fast cash. These loans do not need credit checks, bank accounts, or co-signers, and will not affect your credit. If you cannot pay back the loan, the item you sold is the collateral that fulfills the debt, so it is effectively “pays in full”. The broker would then sell the item in the shop to get their money back. Try to shop around for the best deal for your item, and be prepared to haggle a bit over the cost of your item, this is expected.

What You Will Need

Just your driver’s licence or state issued I.D. and the item(s) your want to buy/sell. Things that tend to bring the most money are high quality things of value such as:

  • quality musical instruments
  • high end home stereo
  • newer laptops and gaming PCs
  • rare vintage video games

Things that aren’t going to bring in money or that the brokers won’t be interested in are:

  • common household appliances like microwaves
  • common electronics like boomboxes, cd players, etc
  • out of date items like furs

It definitely helps if your items are clean and have accompanying documents and possibly original packaging. At Record Head, we are interested in computers, video games and systems, musical instruments, DJ gear, studio equipment and much more. Just bring it into our shop in West Allis and we’ll see what kind of deal we can make for you!

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